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Posted By Admin on 05/11/19 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars

In order to let your life tpe silicone sex doll look different and beautiful all the time, we also need to buy some different styles of clothes, or some other shape or color of wigs to dress up the doll. Although the doll still is the same one, when wearing new clothes or different types of wigs, you will get more surprise, just like it would feel to own a new one.

But how to put a wig on this full body size hyper real tpe love doll, is still a problem for many guys. How to wear a wig is also a technical job. Below are some tips about how to wear a wig for your lovely sex doll.

There are two elastic buttons behind the wig, which are used to adjust the size and tightness of the wig according to the doll’s head circumference. Before wearing a wig, you need to turn it over first, then put the center of the wig on your doll’s head, then buckle other places on the doll’s scalp, and finally pull down the back of the wig, fine-tuning according to the actual situation. Try several times, master the best suitable size of the wig for your doll, wearing wigs is basically no longer difficult.

Due to the most tpe silicone sex dolls are made by the quality tpe or silicone, so there still something you need to notice when to take care of the wigs of your doll. If you want to spray lotion on the doll’s wig, in order to prevent damage to the doll’s material and facial makeup, it’s better to spray it on the wig before wearing it. If you spray lotion on the condition that you have already worn it for your doll, please wrap the face and other exposed parts of the doll with a towel first, then spray the lotion.

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