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Posted By Rhino on 11/20/11 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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Back when I was in school I had a buddy with a hot mom. She always gave me extra attention, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then one day she asked me if I could come and clean out her pool while her son was away at some sports camp.

When I arrived at her house she was in the backyard doing some kind of pushups on the handrails of the diving board. I won’t lie. I took some time to check out her ass before announcing my arrival.

Once I let her know I was there she turned around and giggled. She said something about stretching before she took a swim. What ever… I looked around for the pool net eager to get this done. She had other plans.

My buddies mom motioned for me to follow her over to a chair. She wanted me to rub some suntan lotion into her shoulders and back for her. I thought this was kind of odd since she was going to lay on her back… but I did as I was told.

From my spot behind her I could see her hard nipples pressing on her bikini top. I imagined what it’d be like rubbing them instead of her shoulders and I guess I drifted away into a day dream. I came back out of it when I heard her calling my name.

She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was rubbing lotion into her shoulders. She said something about it seeming like I was rubbing it into something else and I realized I had been doing circles and I was groping her shoulders as though I was fondling her tits!

"Sorry!" I exclaimed.

"It’s okay. I get carried away sometimes myself." She said as she laid back into her seat. "Now do my legs."

This hot MILF brought her legs up so that I could rub lotion into them and I got started with her feet. As I rubbed them she moaned and then laughed telling me how great my hands felt. I tried not to look up, but I could see her pussy staring at me through her very see through bikini bottoms. I began moving up her legs.

As I rubbed her calves my cougar MILF began to moan again.

"Oh that feels so good, do my knees now!" She commanded me.

I moved up again and I could feel my cock stirring and coming to life. I thought, "Oh shit," as I positioned myself so my cock was facing her feet hoping she wouldn’t see it.

"Mmmm now do my thighs…" She said as she parted her legs.

Now I could totally see her pussy. My cock was painfully pressing against my shorts. As I moved in closer to her pussy I noticed her bathing suit was getting wet! I reached over to switch legs and my cock bumped up against the leg I was just working on.

"Oh, what do we have here, did you get excited?" She asked as she reached over and grasped my hardon.

I was caught like a deer in headlights. While I was pretty sure her intensions weren’t pure, I was taught to have modesty. Here I was pressing my rock hard cock against the leg of my best friend’s mom. What if she wasn’t trying to have sex with me?

"We should cool off. Lets go swimming, sweetie." She suggested.

My Cougar MILF stood up and pulled off her top, pulled down her bottoms and jumped in the pool. My heart was beating out of my chest. I couldn’t wait for her to surface so I could see her tits. When she did my cock just about jumped out of my pants!

She called out, "Your turn!"

Oh shit infinitum! I didn’t see her pussy when she jumped in. Now she is asking me to strip naked and let her see my cock! So many what ifs went through my head. The biggest one being what if my cock wasn’t big enough for her?

I put all of my thoughts aside and pulled off my shorts before jumping in. When I came up for air she was cheering me on and telling me what a good job I’d done. I was like, "Okay, I didn’t even do a dive or something… what is this lady giving me kudos for?"

My buddy’s mom moved in and began kissing me. I could feel my cock parting her thighs and, after that, parting her pussy lips. They were very hot and so wet my cock started slipping in. She put her arms around my neck and then her legs around my hips. Before I knew what was going on I was balls deep inside this cougar!

I held her by her ass cheeks and she bounced up and down on my cock. It was evident she hadn’t had a cock inside her in a long time. I walked us over to the pool steps and sat us down on one that left her tits just about the water so I could suck on her nipples. She held my head to her bosom as though I was a baby.

Its been a long time since I banged that cougar MILF. Now I am the same age she was when I banged her! These days I relive the memories on a site called Dirty Wives Exposed. They update daily and have thousands of amateur women sending in pics and videos of their sexy situations.

Find your own MILF crush at Dirty Wives Exposed!

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