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Posted By Admin on 10/07/22 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars

Sex dolls are composed of head, body 2 parts, connected by a connector, the current sex doll market connector is divided into 2 types of screw and snap, most manufacturers head and body can not be purchased separately, a few manufacturers are in the premise of the purchase of the overall doll, you can buy sex doll head alone online.

Some good sellers will provide additional doll heads, such as uxdoll has 200 + available custom sex doll heads, and the price of extra doll head is only two hundred dollars. However, if your sex doll comes from another brand, you may be worried about whether the doll head from a different manufacturer will match your current sex doll body.

Do not worry, most of the doll manufacturers they are using a uniform skeleton, connectors are the same, are universal 16mm screw port, the body and head of each can be replaced, no need to convert the head. If your tan skin sex doll’s head is snap-on, you can also ask uxdoll to help you replace the snap-on interface.

There are also some silicone doll manufacturers that have connectors that are fixed to the skeleton and can only be used with the corresponding doll head. There are also some silicone doll manufacturers, the production of the body when the head and body conversion issues are taken into account, they are designed to separate the connector, after replace the connector can be replaced by other manufacturers doll head.

Sex dolls support to free choice of head body such DIY play is quite fun, the current global sex doll industry head body connection is no uniform standard, but it can be determined that most manufacturers choose 16mm screw port, so you can free to choose different styles of doll head, such as Anime adult TPE sex doll, blonde sex doll etc.

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Posted By Admin on 05/11/19 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars

In order to let your life tpe silicone sex doll look different and beautiful all the time, we also need to buy some different styles of clothes, or some other shape or color of wigs to dress up the doll. Although the doll still is the same one, when wearing new clothes or different types of wigs, you will get more surprise, just like it would feel to own a new one.

But how to put a wig on this full body size hyper real tpe love doll, is still a problem for many guys. How to wear a wig is also a technical job. Below are some tips about how to wear a wig for your lovely sex doll.

There are two elastic buttons behind the wig, which are used to adjust the size and tightness of the wig according to the doll’s head circumference. Before wearing a wig, you need to turn it over first, then put the center of the wig on your doll’s head, then buckle other places on the doll’s scalp, and finally pull down the back of the wig, fine-tuning according to the actual situation. Try several times, master the best suitable size of the wig for your doll, wearing wigs is basically no longer difficult.

Due to the most tpe silicone sex dolls are made by the quality tpe or silicone, so there still something you need to notice when to take care of the wigs of your doll. If you want to spray lotion on the doll’s wig, in order to prevent damage to the doll’s material and facial makeup, it’s better to spray it on the wig before wearing it. If you spray lotion on the condition that you have already worn it for your doll, please wrap the face and other exposed parts of the doll with a towel first, then spray the lotion.

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Posted By Admin on 05/09/19 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars

As we all know, the tpe material for made a sex doll is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly elastomer material. The material has passed the ROSH, FDA food grade and other related certifications. So it’s not harmful to the human body, and is also odorless. This tpe material now is not only used for made adult love doll, but also many other useful tools which used to improve our life quality.

Although, we take care of other tools and life size tpe sex dolls still very different. For real feel tpe love dolls, it will need you don’t put a dirty substance on it to last long time, otherwise, it will leave traces, especially acidic substances can cause serious damage to the tpe love doll skin surface. Although the premium tpe sex dolls that come from uxdoll are very easy to maintain and storage, you also need to know a few other things. Adult love dolls cannot be placed with substances containing ink, such as newspapers and magazines. Avoid placing it in dark clothing or leather fabrics containing oil-soluble pigments to avoid contaminating the sex doll.

So, if it is accidentally stained some fresh urine on your perfect sexy love doll, what will happen? Or, will this urine to harmful to the doll material?

Since fresh urine is generally a weakly acidic, so, if it is accidentally stained with urine, to use some clear water to wash off immediately, which will not have any adverse effect on the doll’s skin. Of course, the semen also does not adversely affect the material of the doll if you clear it within a short time.

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