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Posted By Rhino on 12/26/11 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars


I was going through the members area of All Over 30 when I happened on this gallery of Cadence and it brought up some great memories of a cougar MILF I once knew.

She was the mother of a buddy of mine and out of all of the mother’s my group of friends had she was the hottest. We all wanted to fuck her!

One day when I was going over to my buddies house I saw a similar sight as the one above as I was walking up to their side door. On the way to that door was a window into their laundry room and his mom was stripping out of her bathing suit after a dip in the pool. I guess she wanted to wash the chlorine out of her bikini before it faded the colors.

Her husband had left her years before. I don’t know why… She was gorgeous for a 40-something year old woman – heck, she was gorgeous for a twenty year old woman!

Anyway… I caught sight of her full tits and stopped in my tracks. She was just pulling off her bikini bottoms and her pussy crack made a beautiful cleft of Venus. She didn’t look like some used up hag at all. Her body almost looked nubile with soft skin and an athletic appearance. Girls at my school would have paid a million dollars for her body!

My cock jutted out and pitch a tent in my shorts. I was thinking this kind of sucked because it wasn’t nighttime. If it were nighttime I probably would have unleashed it and stroked off right then and there.

Just as that thought came and went she noticed me standing there on her side walkway staring at her naked MILF body. To my amazement she didn’t even flinch! Girls from school would have covered themselves up and screamed. Not this cougar MILF!

Instead of covering up she leaned over and opened the window. Then she said hello like as if she weren’t standing there naked and told me her son wasn’t home, but that I could come in and wait for him if I’d like.

Boy, oh boy, did I ever like that idea!

Like a deer caught in headlights I just stood there mesmerized and slack jawed looking at her full breasts. She came to the side door and opened in ushering me inside. I did as she gestured and slipped on in.

She took me to the kitchen and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I couldn’t come up with anything so she opened the fridge and started rattling off what she had. As she moved from the top shelf down she bent over giving me a great view of her MILF booty. Eventually she bent down far enough that I could see the tight slit of her pussy peaking out. I so badly wanted to drop my pants and ram my cock inside her!

While she was bent over I must have went into a day dream because the next thing I knew she was pushing me back into a bar stool. She popped the top off of the beer in her hand and put it to her lips. She dipped her tongue inside the hole before tilting it back and pulling it away to allow the beer to rush inside her mouth. My cock flexed at the sight!

Next she put her foot up on my bar at the foot of the stool giving me a great shot of her clit. She asked me if I wanted a taste as she looked down at her pussy crack. I barely got out a yes and she held the beer up to my lips smiling. She tilted the bottle towards my mouth and I took a big long swig. Then she put the bottle on the counter and buried my head into her bosoms.

I felt her hand stroking my cock. She quickly found a way up my shorts and began stroking me off. She asked me if that felt good and of course I said, "HELL YES!" She began kissing me as she undid my button and zipper, yanking my pants and underwear off in one motion.

At the sight of my hard cock she seemed to get even more excited. Suddenly I knew why they call them cougars!

She broke her kiss with me and headed downstairs to use her lips and tongue on my Johnson. I hadn’t had a blowjob yet and now I knew why my dad’s friends always talked about them like they were better than fucking!

Her warm mouth on my cock had my balls ready to explode in no time. I tried signaling her that I was going to cum so she could move out of the way and she put my hands on the back of her head as if to say it was not only okay to cum in her mouth, but it was to be expected.

I pulled her further down on my cock and exploded down her throat. She didn’t gag or anything. I could feel her tongue swirling around the sensitive head of my cock. I remember thinking how could it was that this MILF enjoyed the taste of cum. Girls in school always talked about it so negatively!

Once all of my goo was inside her mouth she pulled away and took a swig of beer to wash it all down. Holy shit, I thought, she does all of the things my dad’s poker buddies consider awesome. How did she ever lose her husband?

My cougar MILF jumped up on the counter and stated that it was my turn as she opened her legs spread eagle and pulled my head down to her crotch. Again, none of my girlfriends let me go down on them up until then. They always talked about how gross it was because then if they had kissed me they’d taste their own pussy. Yuk!

This chick didn’t seem to have any problems with that sort of thing. She helped me out a little by spreading her pussy lips, and thereby, giving me a good indication of where she wanted me tongue to work its magic.

At first I was working my tongue like a mad man. She rubbed her hands on the back of my head in slow circles and I got the idea that she preferred a slower, more methodical tongue lashing.

After several minutes of sucking and slurping her clit I stuck a finger into her pussy. It was a bit looser than any girlfriend’s pussy I’d put a finger into by then so I added another to make it a tighter fit. She seemed to enjoy that and I began working my tongue and fingers in unison.

Soon after this I found that she particularly enjoyed it when my fingers rolled around a small lump at the top of her pussy canal. Later I would learn this was her G-spot. It didn’t take her long to cum once I found that spot!

Once her orgasm subsided she looked at the clock and jumped up off of the counter. It was then that I remembered this was my buddies mom and he might walk in on us. I guessed she was thinking the same thing. She handed me my underwear and my shorts before darting upstairs to put something on.

I barely got my shorts on before my buddy announced his arrival at the front door. When he entered the kitchen I was just dropping the beer bottle into the trash can. We made some small talk and I made sure to stay on the other side of the island so he couldn’t see my hardon or smell his mom’s pussy on my breath.

All Over 30 has frequent updates, hot cougar MILF, a wide variety of ages and in-depth interviews of the women they have in the members area. Think of it as Playboy for MILF!

If there ever was a site I would give a guarantee on, this one would be it. When it comes to MILF, All Over 30 is a one stop shop for everything you could ever want – including exotic MILFs!

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