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Posted By Rhino on 10/18/10 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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It has been a long time since Adele had some cock. Her husband left her for his younger secretary and it seems nobody her age wants to date anybody more than half her age. Then a friend of hers told her about a pickup spot called Foxfire.

At Foxfire the Cougar MILF run the show. The boys are looking to get their dick wet and often don’t have the balls to go out and hunt on their own. At FF the cougars do the hunting and in the end everybody gets what they want. For Adele that was to suck the sperm out of a cock half her age!

They say that hell has no fury like a woman scorned and they weren’t kidding. Suddenly Adele was alive again. It was as though boy-cock sperm were some kind of fountain of youth. Her senses were heightened and her craving for more grew with each passing day.

The pool boy? She bagged his ass! The gym instructor? He was no match for her whopping MILF tits! The plumber’s newly hired son? The only crack showing was that of her pussy when she got through with him!

At Big Tits Movie Pass they have MILF tits by the ton. Just incase you get tired of looking at milky fun bags dating back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s they also have younger tits too! Of course, they also have even older gems you can run your dick through!

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Posted By on 09/21/10 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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So how any times did you wonder what your mom did at work all day as a secretary, while you were at Nana’s or the sisters.  Well thanks to Hot Milf Club I am about to show you.

How many times did you hear your parents argue about your mom working so much and getting paid so little.  Your dad angry because he didn’t feel as if he was meeting his obligations as a man and knowing that your mom who is a Hot Milf Club was working for these young rich executives and wondering everyday if she is cheating on him.

Well let’s clear that up, yep she was fucking.  Why do you think the term MILF is around, it started with Mrs. Robinson and continued through Stifler’s Mom.  In both cases and the majority of the examples you will find, and / or conversations surrounding the topic it always ends up with your mom turned sideways.

 Barbara Voice on HotMILFClub Barbara Voice on HotMILFClub








So now that you are sitting there devastated because your mom did work as a secretary, take solace in the fact that those other guys or girls who think even though their mom was a MILF she was safe from the temptations at work.  Still have to come to terms, because Hot Milf Club is here to remind you that the Milk Man and Mail Man always deliver.    

So it’s ok, were all Mother Fuckers at heart.  Go visit Hot Milf Club today.

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Posted By Rhino on 09/07/10 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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When you hear the term Cougar MILF you probably picture a leather faced, chain smoking dragon lady preying on young blonde metro-sexuals. That is exactly what Sofia thought of too… until one day…

In Sofia’s neighborhood there were a lot of smoking hot soccer moms and plenty of trophy wives. In order to afford the high cost of living their the men often took jobs that required a lot of out-of-town work. Sofia was the only MILF on the block with a husband that worked from home.

The fact that Sofia got to enjoy her husbands cock 24/7 made her a target and one day the MILF Nextdoor invited her over for some tea. Sofia didn’t really drink hot tea, but she figured it’d be nice to "connect" with the other ladies in the neighborhood. She had no idea just how determined these ladies were to "connect" with her!

When she arrived at the tea party the other ladies weren’t out on  the patio as she had expected. They were shooting pool and drinking Long Island ice teas. She was handed one and found it to be a bit stronger than she was used to…

Several drinks later and she was smashed. It was time for the ladies to break out the strap on and beg Sophia to fuck them like her old man fucked her. Her thoughts trailed back to her younger days in college when she and her sorority sisters would fool around. She was buzzed and figured it’d be fun so she got ready to lay her new friends.

Over time Sofia and her new Cougar MILF friends broke in more and more ladies until the entire block of women were enjoying Sapphic love almost as much as their men! catalogs each and every episode of this Sapphic MILF-fest. With bi-monthly updates and twenty-eight sites in the network you get multiple daily updates. Sites include more lesbian action with We Live Together, more MILF action with MILF Hunter and a variety of other niches with sites like Pure 18, 40 Inch Plus, Mikes Apartment, In The VIP, Big Naturals, Big Tits Boss, 8th Street Latinas and a whole lot more!

Take the tour and see why the Reality Kings have members that keep coming back year after year!

Posted By Rhino on 08/16/10 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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I was watching a movie the other day and in it somebody said something like, "Just remember, for every hot woman you see out there on the street, some guy is tired of fucking her." Well, if that is so, let me get my dick ready because I don’t mind banging MILF bitches like Tyann from MILFs in Heat!

Cougar MILF like Tyann prowl the streets in search of cock meat big enough to satisfy their hungry cunts. While some of you might not like her pastrami sandwich, that is just because you’ve never fucked a girl with extra lip before…

Let me tell you why the pastrami on rye is the only way to go. Those juicy lips make for a tighter grip and tease the man juice right out of your nut sack!

While not all of Cougar MILF at have extra lip, they all do look gorgeous and they’ll leave you wondering what kind of moron passed over them!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/02/10 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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Tyrone is used to having things his way. He has been getting what he wants ever since he figured out those girls in school would literally do anything he wanted. Mandy Sweet is also used to getting everything she wants. A nice house, a nice car, the captain of the football team. She had it all… except for a nice, big, black cock!

At Blacks on Cougars they both got exactly what they wanted and each week a new episode is released. Hot cougar MILF hungry some of black cock and you can have it all for one low price!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/22/10 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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Lisa DeMarco wanted to express her gratefulness to her son’s friend for helping her hang some pictures around the house. She decided to make him something to eat. The first course began with her tattas and the main course was her steamed MILF pussy!

Normally this kid adheres to the bros before hoes mantra, but he also can’t say no to a woman in need and Lisa was in dire need of some hot and juicy cock. He rammed her full of his schlong before nutting all over her MILF face!

Cougars in Heat is changing the way the world views MILF Cougars. Large companies are trying to copy their success, but there is only one way you can become this successful, you have to be original and you have to love what you are doing!

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Posted By on 07/08/10 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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Hey isn’t that your Mom, I almost didn’t recognize her smiling like that.  That must not be your dad, when we were spying on them having sex she sure didn’t look that happy.  I thought I heard your dad saying Veronica you awake? 

Well she is awake now at Unlimited Milfs, come and see all your friends moms finally smile like little miss Veronica Rayne here.  Unlimited Milfs making moms smile one orgasm at a time.  Don’t tell your dad or it will ruin our fun.

Once you look at Unlimited Milfs you will never be able to look at your friends mom the same, and that’s not such a bad thing.

Posted By on 06/29/10 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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Aline is what you expect when you talk about MILFS and Stifler’s Mom. She is very pretty, a little but chubby, but only a little bit, and she has big tits with that look like she will fuck you silly.  Well at Bruthas Who Luv Muthas she gets fucked silly.

Bruthas Who Luv Muthas show young horny black guys fucking MILF’s like Aline.  You will be able to live out all those fantasies that you are having about your friends Mom, your bosses wife or your friends wife for that matter.

So go to Bruthas Who Luv Muthas and get a trial period for 3 days for only $4.95.   You can also get access to sites like Teen Blow Jobs, and by joining either one you get access to 26 additional sites.

Posted By Rhino on 06/23/10 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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At My MILF Story guys share their experiences banging MILF and everything is put into a video episode. In this Cougar video we get to see how a guy and his girl got it on with porn star Payton Leigh.

It all started when his girlfriend wanted to see a porn shoot. He brought her to the studio where he worked and she got so turned on that one thing led to another. After blowing his cock from behind the curtain she wanted to meet Payton Leigh in person.

Being the kind hearted porn star that she is, Payton could see that this girl wanted more than just an introduction, she wanted full access. Before long Payton was giving her pointers on how to blow a cock like a porn star. It must have worked because her boyfriend was able to shoot yet another monster load both babes could enjoy.

Get weekly updates and an entire network with your membership to My MILF Story. Sites like Big Wet Asses and Christine Young give this pass enough variety to always keep you entertained!

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Posted By Rhino on 06/14/10 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars
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You could travel the world four times over and you’d never find another stacked cougar MILF like Brittney O’Neil. She has a hard body, huge tits, great pink nipples and tan lines that are simply out of this world. Match all of that to a pretty face and platinum blonde hair. This chick exudes class!

She is the poster cougar of My Friends Hot Mom. A site that features some very fuckable MILF hitting on their son’s friends. The ultimate cougar MILF fantasy come true!

As a member you also get access to all of the other sites in the Naughty America network. With 20 sites you get multiple daily updates in a variety of niches. We like the MILF niche here at Rhino’s Cougars and they have plenty of them!

Take the My Friends Hot Mom tour and you will quickly see that these people take quality seriously!

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