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Posted By Rhino on 06/13/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars

I might be going out on a limb here but I do think the ladies at MILF Thing mean business with a capital “B”.

The site is brought to you buy the same people that brought you Ass Traffic, All Internal and Give Me Pink. They were shooting in high definition back when high definition was a term more commonly used to describe stereo systems than it was for televisions.

Take the MILF Thing tour and the first thing that will come to mind is… Fuck an A this shit is crystal fucking clear! MILF Thing shoots their video as high as 1920×1080. That is full HD quality. You can play these videos on your wide screen in the living room and I can guarantee you they will be just as clear there as a DVD!

MILF THING centers around hot cougar MILFs aged in the thirties to forties getting what they want by force. It isn’t enough for these women to just get a hard cock inside them, they need to feel the power of taking it on their own terms!

If you are into rough stuff and prefer women that take charge MILF Thing will keep you satisfied. I know some of you feel hungry for more unless you are told what to do. Well, now I am telling you, grab a password to MILF Thing and find that satisfaction you crave!

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Posted By on 06/04/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars


That is your tax dollars hard at work but don’t be upset with him any guy would fuck that Milf if given the chance.

You see Abby knows her husband is cheating on her and she’s decided that she’s not going to take it anymore. Just as the mail man comes round to drop off his package she starts looking him up and down.

Now she knows just how to get back at her husband and gives the hard working young stud the story of a life time. I found Abby and her sexual adventure on

They have the over 292 full-length milf videos. In most cases  its a group of guys that go out and look for horny mothers to take back to the studio and fuck. In cases like Abby it was sent in by the slutty milf herself to get back at her cheating husband.

Get that membership today to Milf Seeker and make sure your wife or girlfriend is it.

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Posted By on 05/27/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars


What do you do if have a Hot Mom Next Door?

Well if she is any thing like the slutty matures that they have on you proceed to fuck the shit out of them like the picture above.

Hot Mom Next Door features real moms only, you will not find some hot 20 year old acting like a hot cougar. The mature cougars don’t get enough pleasure from their hubbies so they decided to turn to their neighbors to satisfy their cock cravings.

Get a membership to today and see what really happens when hubby and the kids are gone for the day.

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Posted By on 05/15/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars


It seems that the older they get the more they want it and by want it I mean Sex.

They say that as a women gets older her sex drive kicks into hyper drive and seeing how their husbands drops as they get older they look outside of their marriage for satisfaction.

I found a site that takes advantage of those horny cougars and its called It features thousands of mature cougar videos both streaming and downloadable.

Every one of the videos on Mature Hotel is crystal clear and they come with high resolution photo sets from the best photographers in the world.

Your membership to gets you access to over 190,000 pictures and more than 230 hours of HD videos featuring some of the hottest cougars around.

So sign up today and check in to the Mature Hotel.

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Posted By on 05/07/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars


Well you cougar lovers wanted more of Christina Cross and here she is sucking dick and doing a great job like always.

I found Christina on one of the internets best cougar sites. They have they the largest collection of hot mothers in their 40’s sucking and fucking some young studs.

Your membership to 40 Something Mag will get you full access to exclusive content that includes full-length movies that you can download, the movies are available in various formats.

So if you enjoy watching mature pussy getting stuffed by young cock, get that membership to today.

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Posted By Rhino on 04/30/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars

The Reel Pass. It is more than just hot cougar porn and MILFs gone wild. It is everything you could ever want all rolled into one membership for one low price.

Watch the video above of Anika Valora. While Anika could be young mom, this isn’t your dad’s porn! High quality, high definition, high energy! Three things your daddies porn lacked. Isn’t it just fucking awesome to be you?

Reel Pass has hundreds of hot MILF. Who among us would kick Carmen Kinsey out of bed? Tell me who? Well, if you rose your hand you can always enjoy our gay blog.

Along with the hottest MILF you get the biggest tits, juiciest ass, largest cocks, hottest babes, cutest teens, most intense threesomes and more! The Reel Pass was created by New Sensations. One of the world’s largest porn producers!

Reel Pass will give you access to over 4000 full length movies you can download to your own hard drive! There are 1000’s of porn stars that have shot with New Sensations and every last one of them is on!

All of this and two to three updates a day?

Fuck it is good to be you!

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Posted By Rhino on 04/13/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars


Every kids worst nightmare is waking up to the sound of a bouncing headboard and finding mom and pop doing the nasty.

Can things get any worse?

Oh yeah!

How about when junior comes to the realization that, “My Mom’s Fucking Blackzilla!”?

You want to talk about a fucked up childhood. Not only does he have to hide the fact that mommy loves black cock from daddy, but he also has to come to grips with seeing a cock the size of a Mac truck and knowing he’ll never aspire to such great heights… or lengths…

My Mom’s Fucking Blackzilla takes MILF, interracial, big black cocks and rolls them all into one action packed web site. There is a massive video library of these MILF Cougars soothing their aching pussies with black man meat. Everything is shot 100% exclusive!

The best part is that isn’t the only interracial MILF site you will be getting with your pass. My Mom’s Fucking Blackzilla is part of a larger network of sites called the Hush Pass network.

As a member of the Hush Pass network you also get access to My Wife’s First Monster Cock, House Wives Need Cash, MILF Invaders and Sucking the Big One.

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Posted By on 04/02/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars


Of course Monique is smiling, she is getting fucked by a guy young enough to be her son.

I have to say though that for being in her late 40’s and having a couple of kids Monique still looks pretty hot, I would fuck her. Seeing how I cant do that I will have to settle for her exclusive scene on

It is full of hot milfs that love to show young studs how to fuck a horny mature. Its like sex-ed with a twist of hardcore porn. The things that these cougars get these guys to do them will blow your mind.

Don’t think I am telling the truth, just check out one of the free trailers they have on Milf Lessons main page.

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Posted By on 03/19/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars

Blacks on Cougars brings us a new site producing horny old cougars from the suburbs going out prowling the hood for big black cock to devourer and conquer. A great example of the hungry cougars is in the above pic of this mature big breasted mother who can’t just have one black cock but needs to two. The women here at Blacks on Cougars seem to be professionals but give us the feeling they are the like the women you would see at your neighborhood grocery store. Being a horny black guy, it makes us fantasize these sexy older women are looking for us too. is produced by They are the ultimate company of unique interracial niche websites! Their content is always top notch. Everything on their site is totally fresh and new and of course 100% exclusive, never seen anywhere before! And worth every cent they ask for. Blacks on Cougars shoot new movies constantly for our members. is a fresh helping of hardcore videos and pics brought to you by Dog Fart the Kings of Interracial Entertainment.

Come on in take the tour and experience the quality for yourself of all the cougar porn that the Kings of interracial niche sites delivers.

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Posted By Rhino on 03/18/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars

Being a hot cougar MILF Kristina Cross is used to getting what she wants. In these trying times you have to be willing to go the extra mile to land a real estate sale and Kristina isn’t shy about her body. Why would she be? It is fucking rock hard!

Tired of asking your new bride or girlfriend to do things she isn’t accustomed to doing only to get turned down? The world is full of cougar MILF willing to gag on your cock, take it anal and let you nut on her face! Stop haggling for sex with your bitch and find out what it is like to get what you want!

OK, OK… I know… But you love her!

Then hop on over to Sexy Cougars and start fantasizing about banging a cougar MILF. These ladies are used to driving and are more than ready to take over any situation. They will show you things your Grandpa talked about.

Updated on a weekly basis will keep you satisfied. Each episode is uncut and has high resolution photos so you can zoom in.


As a member of Sexy Cougars you are joining a very large network of sites. Each site is independently owned and operated so you don’t have to worry about your favorite site being forgotten. Every site is somebody’s baby! They feed it full of fresh content and treat it like it is the most important site in the world. Because to them, it is!

The network gives you access to a total of 136 sites and growing. Take the Sexy Cougars tour and hit the Sites button for all of the juicy details. Sites like Bang My Step Mom, MILFs Exposed, MILF Search, My MILF Boss, The Mother Fucker and Big Tits Like Big Dicks will have you wondering why you ever bought any other network pass!

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Posted By on 03/16/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars


With big tits like those its no wonder I found Rachel Love on

It is the first site ever dedicated to hot busty milfs and the naughty adventures they get into as they search for young hard cocks to fuck. These horny mothers fuck their neighbors, bosses and even their kids friends, no cocks are safe around these cock hungry moms.

Mommy Got Boobs has hundreds of big tity mothers just like Rachel in exclusive videos and picture for their members. You will not find any of them on any other site. So check out today.

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Posted By Rhino on 03/05/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars


Nothing says cougar like a cheating wife getting back at her cheating husband by seeking out a big black cock. When Dana Hayes caught her husband banging someone younger she called in for reinforcements.

It was her first time seducing a black man before but once Dana did the deed she wondered what took her so damn long. She began to develop a craving for black cock.

Wifey Likes Black Cock explores the lives of white wives unsatisfied with their small cock husbands. Each week a new wife explores her desire for something more.

As a member of you also get access to the entire jerked network. These guys have put together a package of sites dealing with older women, big asses and black cock cravings.

Don’t spend a ton of money buying porn when you can get everything you want in the jerked network!

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Posted By Rhino on 02/25/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars


MILF is a relative term. Most guys that haven’t hit 20 yet would see any woman over 30 as a MILF. Bump these guys ages up to 30 and you have to bump the woman’s age up 10 years or more too.

Cougar is not a relative term. A woman is either aggressive or she isn’t and she can be either at any age. Today I will tell you about a cougar MILF that once had me in her clutches.

Most cougar MILF are masters at the art of seduction. They hone their skills over the years and develop methods to get what they want. Of course they always want the same thing, a much younger guy.

All of the tools a cougar MILF in my life used were soft. It is hard to see a predator as such if they seem so soft and silky. Her skin was baby smooth and she wore Only Silk and Satin. Her hair smelled of sweet fruits and was equally as soft as her silky clothing.

On a special night she invited me over when she knew my parents would be out of town. She said she didn’t think it would be safe for either of us to be alone so I should come over and except some of her hospitality. A hospitality that was as deft at seduction as a surgeons scalpel.

I had my first candle light dinner that night. She wore a pinkish satin dress with black nylons and pinkish high heels. Up until this time I had never seen a women dressed this provocatively in person and I let her know this. She asked me if I had ever seen a movie where a woman dressed like this when she invited a man over for a candle light dinner and I let her know that I wasn’t a man yet. She said, “Not yet!” With a lot of emphasis on “yet”.

Just then I noticed it was cool in her house. I noticed this because her braless nipples were clearly showing underneath her dress.

Dinner was ready and she had me sit down at the table. I walked kind of funny because my dick wasn’t fully soft or fully hard, but obviously uncomfortable. She smiled and unfolded my napkin placing it on my lap. Once it came in contact with my pants she pulled it a few inches to one side seemingly to have it rub against my cock. Now my dick went into a full hardon. I prayed she didn’t pull the napkin away and see it!

I was left waiting for a bit while she went into the kitchen and then she reappeared holding some plates of food. She placed them on the table by bending over me slightly. I felt her hard nipple run along my arm and the soft satin on my skin. Now my dick was aching!

Once the food was out she settle down in her chair. The table was made of glass so I could see right through it. As she sat down the hem of her dress rode up and I could see her matching pinkish panties. I gazed a bit too long and she asked me what I was thinking about. Did she know I was looking through the table or was she thinking I was pulling a thousand yard stare? My embarrassment hoped for the later. I said “nothing” and tried to move on. She said, “Oh, OK” and opened her legs a bit giving me even more to look at.

No matter how hard I tried I could not stop looking down at those soft panties. I began to imagine what they’d feel like on my cock. Probably as soft as her pussy! I made a mental note to visit this ladies underwear drawer the next time she has me feed her cats while on vacation. (Eventually I would and guess what? Only silk and satin!)

When we finished eating she suggested we watch a movie on the couch with some popcorn. I said that would be great and when she went into the kitchen to drop off the plates and the silverware I rushed over to the couch so she wouldn’t see my raging hardon!

My cougar MILF returned holding a big bowl of salty, buttery popcorn. I left plenty of room on the couch for her to sit or lay down but she sat right next to me. She sat sideways with her legs underneath her and her boobs resting on my arm. I had to extend the feet rest and bring my legs up so my dick wasn’t turning my pants into a pup tent.

She put the bowl of popcorn between my thighs and stomach and started the movie. The movie was set in the English countryside and followed a boy and his neighbor. She was very pretty and he was very shy. He worked on her farm from time to time and seemed enamored with her beauty.

By now the popcorn was getting low and her nipple rubbing on my arm had my cock achingly hard. She would riffle the bottom of the bowl pressing it into my crotch a bit and it was like a vibrator on the head of my dick. Once the bowl was finished completely she pulled it away and put it to the side.

Her fingers were soaked with popcorn butter and salt. She placed them into her mouth one by one sucking the butter off of them. Sometimes she would lick her finger tips. I tried not to notice but she made a pretty big deal of it.

I heard her say something under her breath and she reached for a napkin and brought it to my crotch. I looked down and was horrified. My precum had leaked through my pants and had made a wet spot. She said, “Oops, I think I got some popcorn butter on you” and began mopping it up with the napkin.

My dick thumped against her rubbing hand and I was sure she felt how hard it was. Just then she looked into my eyes and said, “It is OK what you are feeling, it is natural for boys to like older women. In fact, I think it is cute!”

Well, that didn’t make me feel any better about it. Her acknowledging it actually made me more embarrassed and my face went beet red. She suggested she give me a massage and I stammered, “NO!” I couldn’t use any more embarrassment!

I felt her soft lips on my ear and felt her cool breath whisper, “Please? It would make me so happy to do this for you!” And with that she stood up and pulled me quickly to my feet and then to the center of the room instructing me to wait a minute while she prepares the floor.

Next, she retrieved a satin pillow for my head and a sheet for me to lie down on. I was pushed back into a seated position and she reached down pulling my shirt over my head. I tried to resist but she said she didn’t want to get massage oil on it. Once it was off she pushed on my chest and I laid flat, except for my hardon.

Before I knew it she had my pants unbuttoned and when I grabbed her hands she reassured me that it was OK. Obviously she could tell I was “excited” so what is the big deal? When that wasn’t enough she said, “OK, I understand. It isn’t fare. You are right.”

With that she unzipped her dress and let it fall around her ankles. There she was in nylons, satin panties, a garter and high heels. Her boobs looked amazing. Her nipples were hard and a soft shade of pink. While I was in a trance taking the site of her boobs in she reached down and removed my pants.

She flipped open a container of lotion and squirted some on my legs. It must have been in the kitchen next to the stove because it was very warm. She rubbed her hands over my legs and my dick began to throb. The wet spot was growing a centimeter in diameter every minute.

When she finished with my legs she moved up and stratled my stomach with her legs. I took a peek at her crotch and noticed she had a wet spot too! She grabbed my arms and put them under her legs and squirted lotion on my chest. As she rubbed it in I watched her boobs sway back and forth. I imagined one of her nipples in my mouth.

She moved her pelvis back some and I thought I felt my dick touch her butt. Involuntarily I arched my back to bring my cock closer to her. She giggled and leaned forward so her boobs rubbed on my chest. They were so soft!

During my struggles my cock popped out the hole in the front of my boxers. Just then I felt her satin panties on the tip of my cock. She moved forwards towards my stomach and pulled my arms in a bit so my hands rested near my now wet cock. Her boobs were in front of my face and I arched a few inches to meet one of her nipples with my mouth.

Cougar MILF asked me if her nipple tasted good. The lotion  tasted like sweet strawberries and I answered a muffled yes. She bent down and kissed my ear while holding on to my right wrist. It seemed like she was using my wrist to fish for my cock with my hand. She whispered for me to hold onto my cock for her while I suck on her nipples.

I did as instructed and globs of precum oozed out. By habitual instinct I circled my palm over the head of my cock and worked it up and down the shaft before I realized she could feel what I was doing since she was holding onto my wrist. I stopped suddenly and felt her hand jerk my wrist as if to say, “Keep going!”

Not wanting to displease such a gracious host I continued working my cock and licking her nipples. She sat up and moved her pelvis forward so that her satin panty crotch was right in front of my face. My cougar MILF expertly pulled and tugged on the soft material moving it ever so slightly this way and that way so that I could make out the soft folds of her pussy underneath.

Mesmerized again by the sight of this cougar’s sex I longed for more of this woman. She picked up her lotion and pulled her panties out away from her belly squirting some inside. I watched as the wet fabric clung to her pussy lips.

Next, she rubbed the outside of her satin panties and I could see her clit straining against them. She moaned and pulled the soft material over giving me my first look at her pink pussy flesh. Opening the soft folds she slid a finger inside herself. Her hole was smaller than I had imagined and I tightened my grip on my cock to pretend I was inside it.

I guess the excitement became to much for her because she suddenly pounced on my face and grabbed the back of my head mashing my mouth into her pussy. My tongue quickly found her button. Even with her legs clamped tightly around my ears I could here her moan and sense her heavy breathing. I felt her legs shutter as an orgasm whipped over her and my cum shot up into the air.

Remembering your favorite silk and satin moments is easy at You can revisit your past experiences or even make up new ones!

Only Silk and Satin was created by people that know how to tease. By people that know the niche and are masters at capturing all of the sensational views modeling silk and satin has to offer.

You can join Only Silk and Satin or join the entire Only Network of six sites with over 1,000,000 pictures, 2,460 videos and 476 models! No matter which option you choose you are sure to find something truly inspiring!

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Posted By on 02/19/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars

Reality Gang does it again. They bring us some of the best girl on girl action on the web. The idea here at is get the sexiest cougars to find younger female hard bodies to quench their own sexual hungers.  The women and the pure 18 and 19 year olds to early twenty girls will absolutely excite any man or female on this banging babe site. So whatever your preference, blondes, brunette, redheads, teens, milf age, Hispanic, or white. You will see best mouth watering tits and ass. And with a woman like Jasmine who knows how to lick and excite a teen girls pussy like Devon. You will get so rock hard here at Cougars Recruits.

Come on in take the free tour and preview these prowling cougars and their female teen prey. But don’t stop there because you can continue on by getting a 3 day limited pass for a mere $1. So you can get have plenty of time to see for yourself the quality of cougar action and how to get the entire 23 site Reality Gang Network for the price of 1 site. And to also view your material on your IPod where ever you go. Enjoy your tour.

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Posted By on 02/17/09 - Bookmark Rhino’s Cougars

These are the horniest busty cougars, who just can not live without hot young cock. This Naughty America Original show Seduced by a Cougar features your sexy neighborhood cougar. These women are in their sexual prime and just want to have animal sex all the time. They like them young, and they need them hard. These hot cougars are fierce and hungry, and they are looking for young inexperienced prey. Get ready for a feeding frenzy here at Seduced by a Cougar.

Amber Lynn Bach in the above picture link. is a self assured cougar. She knows exactly what to do and say to heat things up. When her boyfriend’s friend got pissed off because she didn’t take care of his pool cues he lent her. She didn’t worry at all because Amber Lynn Bach always knows how to make amends to any of her mistakes. So she whip out his cock, bounces her big tits in his face and make him forget all about pool sticks.

I have seen many “Cougar sites” and I have to say Seduce by a Cougar is a site that catches my full cock rising attention. With the $1.95 3 day trial pass you can also sample their other sites too. Full members get complete Access to all 22+ other fully exclusive sites filled with original content you won’t find anywhere else! shoots new videos every week, and has amassed 2000+ exclusive babes 30,000+ hours of video.

With so much content will keep us busy for for as long as we want.

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